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Process Heating
& Heat Recovery
since 1988


Utilize the Advantages
of Heat Transfer Fluid !

Processes of high performances
often require very high temperature.
Thermal oil heating
using a special heat transfer fluid (HTF)
offers many advantages
compared to other heat sources
such as for instance steam heating :

High Temperatures up to 300°C at Atmospheric Pressure  <<
Optional Set-points of Working Temperature Level   <<
No Equipment for Pre-treatment of Boiler Feed Water  <<
No Heat Loss Due to Hot Condensate & Flash Steam  <<
No Risk of Corrosion <<
No Risk of Freezing Damages  <<
Low Maintenance Costs  <<
Quiet in Operation - No Steam Strokes nor Flash Steam Noise  <<
Easy to Operate - Certified Boiler Operator Not Required  <<

However you need to make
the thermal oil heating system correct,
in order to achieve these advantages,
and also because you are dealing with oil.

Although safe and suitable
for high temperatures,
it is still a potential flammable fluid.

Process heating normally involves
a huge amount of money
and good solutions always
ensure good economy.

It is important to have a qualified partner

at your side.
We have more than 25 years experiences
in working with industrial heating applications.

We also design, calculate and optimise
a lot of important parts for these
process heating system - such as
the boilers, heater, heat exchanger and
other parts of the process heating system.

"You cannot get this part"
is rarely an argument not to proceed
we find the right solution for you anyhow.

Maybe it is worth considering
having your own products or design.
This is often chosen
for different other reasons than above.

You will then get your own designed
thermal oil heater, heat exchanger,
dearator & degasser device,
expansion vessel, collecting tank etc.


Contact us today - and get way ahead
with a substantial improved economy
on your system and your equipment
and of course, also based on
good environmental values.





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