Industrial Thermal Oil (HTF) Heating Systems



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Above diagram and photo are examples of a thermal oil heating system according DIN 4754 for process air heating.

AB&CO thermal fluid systems are high temperature process heating systems, used for high performance industrial processes - most often as an alternative to high pressure steam. An attractive alternative due to much higher media operating temperatures at low pressure, but also because of significant less overall operation costs. See more at "COMPARE STEAM AND THERMAL FLUID".

As it appears from above diagram, steam at high temperatures requires pressurised systems, whereas thermal oil can be operated atmospheric up to above 300°C. When pressurised, the thermal oil it can be operated even up to 400°C.







'ThermoPack' is a compact AB&CO Hot Oil
System including a TT BOILER heater, all
skid-mounted in a  unit, operating as
unpressurised (atmospheric) system
at above 300°C operating temperature.


Container-solution with a thermal oil
systems, including TT BOILERS heater
with burner using access fish-oil as fuel.


TT BOILERS electric thermal oil
heater for 400°C moderate
pressurised thermal fluid.

General Principle in
TT BOILERS Oil- and Gas-fired 
Thermal Oil Heaters




  Above in higher quality                    Properties Steam/Water                   Properties HTF (typically white mineral oil type)


The ThermoPack units (thermal oil heater units) comprise a heater, pressure vessel, main pump, heat exchangers, tanks, armatures, safety equipment, instrumentation, control system and the tanks for expansion, dearating & de-gassing, buffer and emptying including arrangement for filling/emptying system, barrels and tank.

The standard follows European code including PED 97/23 CE, EN-standards and the recognised and demanding German standard for thermal oil heating systems DIN 4754.

All AB&CO systems includes the TT BOILERS heaters - whether is is oil-fired, gas-fired, electrical heated or exhaust gas recuperative. They are delivered with a full documentation package comprising drawings, diagrams, data sheets, specifications, instructions for installation/handling, operating and maintenance - and all required certificates necessary for deliveries within the EU.

Environmental solutions are available in many alternative design - including mounting of economiser and thermal oil heated by utilising waste heat in, for instance, hot flue gas.

AB&CO have specialised in ThermoPacks as skid-mounted units and containerised solutions (as shown on photo above / left). But system are also delivered as separate components e.g. the heaters alone (below photo)

TT BOILERS oil-fired heaters at bitumen plant

The simple principle in thermal thermal fluid systems is heating by use of a special thermal fluid (non-flammable oil) circulating the through heaters (with burners, electrical elements or flue gas recuperators).

Thereafter the fluid is led to one or several consumers, which can be for instance heat exchangers, air heaters, reactors, convectors, rollers etc.


AB&CO process air heat exchanger
during final inspection by
customer from Germany.

These systems are all tailor-made and they are always delivered as complete packages for assembly on site, or as skid-mounted units when the size allows it - and with full documentation and easy readable instructions for handling, erecting, installation and maintenance.


The engineers of AB&CO · TT BOILERS are able to assist in the operation of the thermal fluid heating system by frequently analysing samples of the circulating oil. From the analysis it is possible to guide for an optimum performance and long life time for both the oil and the plant.

For more extensive assistance in optimising new or existing systems, or for trouble shooting - consider our
Consultant Services.


More Specific Data for :
Thermal Oil Heater
in the Thermopack





Important for a trouble-free service is to choose a high quality thermal fluid i.e. the heat transfer oil. It is recommended to use a non fouling, high temperature resistant 'White Mineral Oil' for the applications like AB&CO NF. This fluid is available on stock in Copenhagen.

The thermal fluid should be frequently tested by AB&CO · TT BOILERS laboratories in order to ensure a optimum and low cost operation of the heating systems.

Do not compromise on this fluid - use the right thermal oil and check it frequently!


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