Arvid Blom

Senior Consultant
Mech. Eng. (B.Sc.), 
Dipl. Comm.

Copenhagen | Denmark
T : +45 2624 7599
W : OptimisingProcessHeat


"Contact us today and get a substantial improved economy by optimising your process heating system and equipment - based on good environmental values along with battle-proved quality."

- Your Trusted Partner !

All the services that are being provided by
AB&CO CONSULT LTD. are based on 'a fee by the hour'. The company does not offer components or any other physical items. Estimates however can be provided as a part of consultant service paid for.


Legal information :
AB&CO CONSULT LTD. are a private owned company registered in Copenhagen, Denmark dated 26.02.2003 as ApS. (Ltd.) under reg. no. (VAT) DK 2703 8816. The company is controlled and represented by senior consultant Mr. Arvid Blom, who also a partner in AB&CO TT BOILERS LTD. and AB&CO TEKNIK LTD.


Disclaimer :
AB&CO CONSULT LTD. take no responsibility for any unintended consequences of the advices and services provided. Decisions based on information provided, will always be on own risk. However, since 2003 there has not been any projects where the client have claimed to be unsatisfied by the consultant services and results provided.