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in Process Heating
& Heat Recovery
since 1988


Process heating systems and equipment for the industry are characterised by involving large installation and thus also large investments. Consequently large amount of energy is consumed and large amount of waster heat and CO2 is dissipated to the environment.

These industrial heating systems often operate with very high capacities, temperatures and pressures. Consequently they are subject to quite expensive maintenance (expensive parts and skilled specialised personal) - especially if everything is not completely optimized. Together with the annual costs for the return of investment, the process heating systems involves considerable annual costs.

It is important to those companies that have a production consuming large amount of energy for process heating, - that the right decisions are taken when it comes to optimising the system and the thermal equipment. New techniques claiming having better features, sophisticated non-transparent details on thermal equipment, price and supply considerations (cost/benefit) – all this is quite difficult for even a very qualified engineers to be up-to-date on.

Examples of our services go from calculation of heat recovery systems and heat exchangers, - to re-designing your equipment for obtaining higher efficiencies, lower emissions (NOx, CO2, pollution etc) and of course better economy.  To keep it simple - today's challenges is that huge amount of money can be saved and gained when your environmental "green profile" are being improved.

The way to this goal is using a competent consultant like AB&CO · CONSULT.

We have more than 20 years experiences in designing and optimizing industrial process heating.


AB&CO · CONSULT på All Energy UK 2011

AB&CO · CONSULT at "All Energy" in UK 2011.

It is of course very important  to our customers that everything is kept at a very confidential level when working with their systems, components and production technology in general. Working with AB&CO · CONSULT as your trusted partner, you will never compromise on the your most valuable product and system secrecies. Our many clients are our documentation for this.


    Have some Focus on the Heat Recovery Issue

    Contact us today - and get way ahead with substantial improved economy on your system
    and your equipment- based good environmental values.   


    Company Introduction

Some of our Clients      

Hopkinson / Rolls Royce, UK
Boehm & Voss AG, Germany
Luk Oil, Russia
Intercontact, Russia
HelioFocus Ltd., Israel
VWS Envig (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
SIA Silmas Groupa, Latvia
CFS Bakel B.V., Netherlands
Dynea AB, Norway
Friesland Foods Kievit, Netherlands
Ceratizit S.a.r.l Luxembourg
Manxx Electricity Ltd. UK
Lemasa Surolait Sueromancha, Spain
Kemia Cientifica S.A., Spain
GEA Niro, Germany/Denmark
GEA Process Engineering, Poland
GEA Process Engineering, China
GEA Process Engineering, France
Niro Inc. U.S.A.
Coil Products Inc. Pa, U.S.A
Makroterm Sp., Poland
Hudikswal AB, Sweden
Recirk AB, Sweden
Hans G. Werner GmbH, Germany
Sondex sp. z.o.o. Poland / DK
Carsten Ranico Sdn Bhd., Malaysia
North Sea Food Ltd., Scotland
Wet & Dry Tech.BV, Netherlands
Swedwood, Latvia
K-Victoria Fishnet Co. Ltd., Uganda
Dor Film, Israel
Berggren AS, Norway
TAL Industries Ltd., Hong Kong
Fed. State Unitary Enterprise, Russia
Strahm AG, Switzerland
Berendsen AS, Norway
Thule Airbase, U.S.A./Greenland
Nuukolit A/S, Greenland
Demich p/f, Faroe Islands
Siemens AG, Germany/ DK
Lantmännen, Sweden /DK
Arla, Sweden/DK
M.A.N. B&W, Germany / DK
Andritz Sprout A/S, U.S.A / DK
Statoil AS, Norway/DK
Babcock Wilcox Vølund Ltd. USA / DK
Alfa Laval A/S, Sweden/DK
Anhydro A/S, DK/USA
NOV Brandt - Soil Recovery, USA / DK
Hotel Radison Scandinavia, USA /DK
NCC Construction, Sweden / DK
Danmarks National Bank DK
Danish Technical University DK
Copenhagen University (Panum), DK
Novozymes A/S, DK
Haldor Topsøe A/S, DK
Danish Crown A.m.b.a. DK
F.L. Smidth & Co. A/S, DK
FLSmidth Airtech, DK
Grundfos A/S, DK
Rockwool A/S, DK
Aalborg Industries A/S, DK
Danisco A/S, Denmark
Cabinplant A/S; DK
Cheminova A/S, DK
SCF Technologies A/S, DK
Kosan Crisplant A/S, DK
Sanovo Engineering A/S, DK
Danish Food Equipment A/S, DK
Bladt Industries A/S, DK
Dyrup A/S, DK
Axellus A/S, DK
Royal Unibrew A/S, DK
Vitallys A/S, DK
Crown Foods A/S, DK
Graintec A/S, DK
Skare Foods A/S, DK
Haarslev Industries A/S, DK
Scion DTU, DK
Esscano Power A/S, DK
Designskolen Kolding, DK
Industrivarme A/S, DK
Christian Møllers Eftf. A/S, DK
Xergi A/S, DK
Hamlet Protein A/S, DK
RW Energi Danmark, DK
KSN Industri A/S, DK
Procudan A/S, DK
Fan Milk Int' A/S, DK