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Email   [This is a dynamic email address that is only used this first time]


Thanks for contacting AB&CO.

We want you to know that we wish to have a close and efficient contact to our customers and business relations.

A huge amount of spam and junk email that previously toppled over our mailboxes, made it very difficult for us to handle serious email inquiries satisfactorily. We were consequently forced to make a somewhat cumbersome procedure, which potential business relations will have to use when they contact us by email the first time.

Therefore please use either one of the below links to send specific and/or personal emails to us this time only. We will read all serious email carefully and consider the actual content and the possible reply to you. The relevant contact person will reply to you using a personal email for further direct correspondence.

Thanks for understanding that this initial email procedure is necessary for security reasons only, and sorry for any inconveniences caused.




Dansk / Norsk




Please use this email link this first time that you contact AB&CO - for either of the below purposes :

1)  For Direct Contact to a Specific Person at AB&CO

Type the name of the AB&CO person in the top of your email, and we will make sure that this person will then contact you immediately - so you can continue communication by direct email hereinafter.

2)  For Sales Inquiries on Products and Services

Your email will be sent to our sale coordination staff, who will respond to you within a few hours.


Personal Email
or Product Inquiry






Copenhagen, Denmark

 +45 4817 7599

VAT Reg.  DK 2518 6400

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