Special Heat Exchanger Designs for Process Heating


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Special applications requires special designed heat exchangers.

Not all tasks can eventually be solved by low-price plate-type or standard shell & tube heat exchangers.

Corrosive environment, fouling, extreme temperatures, pressures, complex compositions (compounds) and other proporties of the fluids makes the heat exchanger design very special.

Many manufactures are able to produce a heat exchanger, but only few are able to calculate the size, strength and adapt it to the actual demanding circumstances.

Practically all heat exchanger tasks can be solved, but it sometime takes a good cooperation between the designer and the user of the heat exchanger to make the right solution.

Most PROCESS AIR heat exchangers can be calculated and offered quite fast, but other special and customised heat exchangers are often extremely time consuming to calculate, optimize and for determine the preliminary design. For those heat exchangers the design work are done on consultant basis. This leads to a complete optimised solution with heat balance, thermo-physical design and estimated price.
The customer are of course free to decide whether to use AB&CO as supplier or as supervisor, - or to use another supplier, maybe even use customer's own engineers and own workshop.

AB&CO can assist any way it might be required, including providing manufacturing details.

The BELOW EXAMPLES with photos and text gives you an impression of the many type of heat exchangers that we have made since 1988.

More about assistance in DESIGN of Heat Exchangers.

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Some Few Examples
Heat Exchangers since 1990


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
for Exchaust Gas Recuperation
Heating of Thermal Oil

Exhaust Gas Coolers for Insulation Production


Scrubber condenser for Spray-Drying Application
delivered with Tube Heat Exchanger
and Demister (right photo =>)

HFO Outflow heater for Bunker Tank Mounting



Modular build one-pass Heaters
Concentrate Preheater for Spray-drying 1
High Pressure Design 130 bar
(General Food UK)

Electrical Preheating of Special Fuel
for Cement Factory

Electrical Fuel Oil Preheaters
High Pressure Design
Extractable Ceramic Elements in Steel Tubes


HPTubeHx.JPG (26422 bytes)

High Pressure Jet fuel / Water Heat Exchangers 
(NATO project)

Condensator for Collecting 
Air-borned Chemical Vapour Compounds
 (Kommunekemi, Denmark)


AKTHoechst2.JPG (12306 bytes)

Evaporating Ammonia by Hexane
Design TEMA class AKT 
(Hoechst, Korea)

Steam Boiler heated by Thermal Fluid
Design TEMA class AKT 

Process Air Heater
Spray Drying Plant at

Hexan Condenser for Spray-drying Plant

Full-welded Tube Heat Exchanger
for Pressurised Process Air


Twin Tube Heat Exchanger for Chemical Industri



Steam Heated CIP Heaters in Sanitary Design
For Food Industry

High Pressure Heat Exchanger
with Full-access Tube Side
Municipal Waste Disposal Plant (Denmark






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Heat Exchangers


Process Air Heat Exchangers are used in applications where you never compromise. Industrial drying processes require high performances on compact units, by means of high temperatures and pressures. This require supreme reliability and low operation costs.

Heat sources are steam, thermal fluid, pressurised hot water, electricity and combinations of these.

Always attractive features when using AB&CO process air heat exchangers.