AB&CO products and services are specially adapted always to meet the future demands for clean and cost efficient solutions.

Our designs are always focusing on:


High Efficiency

Long Lifetime

Low Emission

High Efficiencies gives low energy and fuel consumption, which leads to low CO2 dissipation. Efficiencies on AB&Co are general very high, but special even higher efficiencies can be obtained by customising the design with additional heat recovery features.

Long Lifetime gives a low consumption of material used in for the services provided by the product during a period. Both the energy and the pollution for producing, transporting and installation are vital parts of the environmental account. On top of this high quality of products also ensures low costs for the maintenance and for the renewal procedures.

Low Emissions gives low NOx and clean flue gas offer a clear green profile, but it also saves costs to be ahead of the future's unavoidable environmental demands.

CLEANTECH :  Clean Technology

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