High Capacity Steam Accumulator


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Steam BufferTM

Extra steam capacity for the short peak consumptions.

The steam buffer & Dryer is giving the steam generator boiler the same advantages as the classic steam boiler, - just much better because the size is customised to the actual demand !

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  • Steam Accumulating
  • Steam Dryer / Drop Separation
  • Modulating Steam Output
  • Cooling of Feedwater/Condensate




TT BOILERS Steam Buffer are simply connected to the steam outlet of the steam generator and the feed water piping, then it is ready for operation. Fast and without any huge installation costs

Being a vertical unit, there will always be space for the TT BOILERS Steam Buffer - and it works with any brand of steam generator

Nice to have OR Need to have

Even though the unit and the installation is quite economical and it only takes about half a square meter on the floor, it is not always the situation that you must have TT BOILERS Steam Buffer.

However if your operation appears unstable or if the steam quality is not perfect to your application, you should consider this option - and you should therefore consider the consequences of the above extra features that you get.



Steam boilers build as the steam generator offer some well-known  advantages compared to the classic fire tube boiler:

  • Compact unit

  • Rapid start-up

  • No energy consumption when no steam output

  • Few requirements for operating personal in most countries.

  • Few requirements for installation in most countries.

But there are also limitations that you should be aware of, when choosing a steam boiler after the
steam generator principle. In certain situations, a large and sudden draw of steam result in failure on high steam temperature (superheated steam). This happen because the amount (volume) of feed water in the steam generator is very modest.


In continuation of this problem, AB&CO have developed the TT BOILER Steam Buffer - a special unit that offers some unique features not only eliminating the above problem, but also gives extra advantages to the steam generator compare to the classic fire tube boiler.



The unique thermodynamic design makes it possible to accumulate steam capacity to withstand short peak loads in the steam consumption, using a reservoir of feed water maintained at boiling point just like the classic fire tube boilers. While developing an efficient steam buffer, AB&CO took a large step further and extended the features on the unit.

Consequently TT BOILERS Steam Buffer is now probably the  best steam dryer on the market, where even quite wet steam becomes 98-99& dry saturated steam.

TT BOILERS steam Buffer also offers the possibility to adapt the burner (heat input) any loads. With this the steam generator can be supplied with a modulating (step-less) burner. The steam generator will no longer be sensitive to the adjustment of water in the steam. In the TT BOILERS Steam Buffer the water will be separated off and accumulated for future peak load. Any excess of water here will be drained-off and led back to the condensate tank in a cooled condition. Normally it is very difficult to adjust the feed water amount to the burner in all operational conditions especially start-up and shut-down, but it is nevertheless required when you do not have a unit installed like TT BOILERS Steam Buffer.

Finally the TT BOILERS Steam Buffer are designed so that any condensate / feed water leaving the unit is cooled down - which contribute efficiently to elimination of risk for cavitation of feed water pump and steam present in the the boiler room.


The special thermodynamic design comprise a combination of efficient filters, mazes and cyclones, and large volume of water at boiling point and steam with modest velocities.

There are no sophisticated armatures, instrumentation and electronics. Nothing that requires careful adjustment and re-adjustments, nothing that can break down It simply utilize laws of nature presented in the well-known rigid TT BOILERS design.


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