High Performance & High Temperature Heaters

AB&CO offer a wide range of high performance air heating batteries for industrial applications - designed with finned tubes (extended heat surface), plain tubes or electrical elements.
o Process air, heated by :
Saturated steam
 | Thermal oil | Water | Electricity  | Combi
o Operation at Very High :
Temperatures  |  Pressures  | Output / Capacities
o Delivered in compact design due to very high heat transfer ensured by for instance the special compound finned tubes.
o Ensuring high reliability by high quality. Dedicated to users who demand lowest amount of down-time for maintenance and low LCC (long-term total cost)
o Customised to almost any applications within
, Food &  Pharmaceutical Industry
o Uique for Spray Drying Plants
for dairy, food, chemical and other industrial applications.
o Operating today in almost any country all over the world, complying with even the most demanding authorities.




















Heat Surface Options  :

- Compound Finned Tubes - aluminium fins machined up from extruded jackets on a core steel tube. For a compact and light design and still high temperature (300C) and strong design. Preferred design for spray drying applications.

- Plain tubes (without any fins). Made in carbon steel (mild steel) or stainless steel. For aggressive and/or very polluted air and gas.



Range of Process Air Heat Exchangers  : 

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Principle in Heat Recovery of Condensate
Steam Air Heater with Subcooler

CASE STORY : Preparing the Loading - Shipment to France
Main Heater for Spray-Drying System : Steam Air Heating Battery with heat recovery,compound finned tubes and pull-out sections. Heating of 100.000 m/h from 10 - 200C. by steam 30 bar - condensate sub-cooled to 65C

see the VIDEO of inserting a pull-out section
- it is that simple !



Steam Air Heater with Condensate Subcooler

Thermal Oil Air Heater




Always delivered CE-marked and with full documentation with drawings, diagrams, part list and necessary European codes and approvals (pressure vessel according to European PED 97/23 CE, and EN-standards).


Henning_D_Lille_isol_damp2.jpg (20290 bytes)

Small Single Steam Module
Compound Finned Tubes
Up to 300C / 40 bar


Small Steam Heating Battery
with 4 (four) steam sections
Compound Finned Tubes

Steam Heating Battery w. Heat Recovery (Condensate subcooler)
and Pull-Out Sections including prefilter section



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